Sending children to school in the UK

sendind children school ukIt is important to make the most of the education system in the UK, which caters for all children from the age of three.

Is early and primary education free in the UK?

The UK offers some of the best early and primary education services in the world.

All three and four year olds in Great Britain are entitled to15 hours of free nursery education for 38 weeks of the year. Compulsory education is also free and starts at the age of 5.

For more attentive care, families can register their children with private nurseries that can watch the children from an early age and for longer periods. These nurseries can be particularly useful for parents who work long hours and are not able to be with their children at home. Prices vary between private nurseries, so speak to the companies you’re interested in for more details.

How do I know what school or nursery to send my child to?

To find out what early and primary education services are on offer in your areas, contact your local Family Information Services or search for schools near your neighborhood.

Finding a school

universitiesEvery child has different needs and capabilities, and for this reason there are many types of schools in the UK. The studies your child can undertake in school also vary between institutions. Speak with teachers from the schools you are considering and try to match a school to your child’s individual skills and interests.

Top tip: In the same way that companies offer private medical care, in every city there will be at least one private school. To see a list of the private schools in your area, contact your local LEA

How does the schooling system work in the UK?

The table on the following page will help you to understand how the schooling system corresponds to the age of your child. Recently, some secondary schools, upper schools and colleges have been turned into Academies. These are educational institutions that are free from LEA control (Local Education

They are funded by central government and other sponsors, and most have a unique curriculum specialism that determines what your child is able to study there. Academies are relatively new and are one example of how the government is trying to improve and diversify the education system.
The ‘Curriculum stage’ section of the table highlights which exams your child will be taking during the given school years