Information on UK Electricity and UK Plugs


uk electricity plugThis section describes what you need to know about plugs and electricity in the UK. Knowing how to use domestic appliances is an important part of electrical safety in the home.

What is voltage?

Voltage is a term used to describe the energy that makes the electrical current flow in a circuit. The voltage used in the UK is now always within 6% of 230 Volts.

All domestic appliances should lie within this range, or an adapter should be used.

What does a UK plug look like? What do I need to know about using lightbulbs in my home?

All lightbulbs are rated in Watts. A watt is a standardised unit of power; the higher the ‘wattage’ of a lightbulb, the more electricity it uses and the more it costs to run. A lightbulb with a higher wattage is generally brighter. UK lightbulbs will usually either have a bayonet or a screw fitting.

How can I find an electrician?

how find electricianElectrical work should only ever be carried out by a qualified electrician. A searchable list of qualified electricians can be found by going online and visiting