Introduction to UK tax credits

Tax credits

uk tax creditsTax credits are another example of the ways in which the British government support individuals and families financially.

What are tax credits?

Tax credits are payments from the government that are designed to supplement income. They are not taxable.

You can receive Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, or both.

Your entitlement and the amount you could receive depends on a number of variables including how many children you have living with you, if you live with someone as a couple, whether you work – and how many hours you work, if you pay for childcare, if you or any child living with you has a disability and if you’re aged 50 or over and are coming off benefits. Your payments also depend on your income. The lower your income, the more tax credits you can get.

Am I entitled to tax credits?

tax uk typesNine out of ten families with children qualify for tax credits, but you don’t need to have children to claim. You might also qualify if you are working and on a low income or are working with an illness or disability.

If you are unsure of your entitlement to tax credits, or wish to request a claims form, contact the Tax Credit Helpline on 0845 300 3900.