Information on UK shop opening times

uk shop opening times

Hours in the UK, Weekdays vs Weekends, Sundays and Bank Holidays

It is useful to know the standard opening and office hours of UK shops and businesses as these can be quite different from other countries.

What are the regular opening hours for most shops?

Specific opening hours will vary depending on the shop and the city that it is in. It is possible to check specific shops’ opening hours online. Normal weekday opening and office hours are 9am – 5pm from Monday to Friday, and the same for shops on Saturdays. More shops will be closed on Sundays, and those
that are open will have limited opening hours.

How does this change on public holidays?

change public holidaySimilarly to Sunday opening hours, shops will either be closed or be open for a limited time. Most people will not be required to go to work on a public holiday.