Guide to writing a CV

Writing your CV

writing cvA CV should always be presented in a certain way, and it must be an accurate reflection of you as a person and employee. Presentation and clarity are very important. Visit to find out about our translation service.

What would an employer expect me to include in my CV?

You should include your personal information, followed by your education history and the qualifications that you gained from your education or training. The person reading your CV will next expect to see your employment history. You could then include details of your interests. It is also advisable to mention full details.

Top tip: If you are unsure, conduct an internet search for ‘CV creator’ and use one of the online programmes that are
designed to structure your CV for you.

How do I find out the British equivalent to my qualifications?

Contact your Local Education Authority (LEA) to find out what your qualifications mean in the UK.

How can I obtain British qualifications to improve my job prospects?

how impress interviewerYour local further education college will be able to advise you on the various qualifications that are available for adults in the UK. You could also contact your LEA.