Information on British culture and British customs

British culture and customs

As with most countries, Britain has its own set of cultural norms which most British people take for granted. Here are a few that are worth remembering:

Queues: When waiting for something, be it a bus or to be served in a shop, British people form queues. It is customary for the first person in the queue to be served first and so on. Pushing into queues in front of those who have been waiting longer than you can cause agitation.

Saying ‘Pardon’ and ‘Excuse Me’: When you want someone to repeat what they have said, British people use the word ‘Pardon’ to indicate that they have not heard. When you wish someone to move out of the way, say ‘Excuse Me’ and they will happily let you past. People also use the word ‘Sorry’ on both occasions.

british foodTable Manners: British people are notoriously reserved and appreciate polite table manners, particularly when eating out. A 10% tip to anyone who has provided you with a good service (waiter, taxi driver, hairdresser etc) is also regular, though at your discretion.