Revision material can really
help you to pass the
CSCS Health, Safety &
Environment Test. About Revision Material

CSCS Revision

We offer a range of CSCS revision material to help you pass your CSCS Test first time. We offer the official CSCS revision material in both book form and DVD ROM.

Types of CSCS Revision Material

You can order either a CSCS revision book, a CSCS DVD ROM or both. The type of CSCS revision material that you should order depends on how you learn best. Many of our clients find the CSCS DVD ROM especially useful as it allows you to get used to the format and feel of the CSCS Test before you take it.

Mock CSCS Test

The CSCS revision DVD ROM contains a mock CSCS Test which will allow to you practise the test and check your knowledge before sitting the actual exam.

Do I need to get CSCS Revision Material?

We have found a significant difference in the pass rates of our clients who use CSCS revision material and those who do not. About 80% of candidates who study with CSCS revision material pass and 60% of those who do not use some type of revision material fail.

Get your revision material with your CSCS Test Booking and save! Book Test & Card

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