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What is the CSCS Health & Safety Test?

Every construction site in the UK is almost on the way to making their employees have the CSCS card with them. No matter whether you are a person working on one of the machines or the equipment or the supervisor at the construction site or a visitor or for that matter the top most management, you are expected to have the right CSCS card with you to prove your credentials. You can only get the CSCS card if you have appeared for the CSCS test.

Is the CSCS test known by any other name?

The CSCS test is also known as the Health, Safety & Environment Test. The reason behind this is that it enables the person taking the test know of all the health and safety precautions that one needs to follow in order to be able to maintain consistent safety standards and best practices on the construction site. This guarantees that all involved know how to use the equipments, machinery and the other norms that are to be followed at a construction site.

Where can I appear for the CSCS test?

The CSCS test is conducted all over the UK in more than 300 different accredited and certified test centers. Therefore, you need not travel really far to appear for the CSCS Test. We can find a center closest to you and book your test hassle-free.

Is the CSCS test only in English?

The CSCS test is conducted in English however; there are voice-over option in other languages as well that it is conducted for the convenience of the test takers. The other languages that it is conducted in voice-over option is Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Punjabi, Romanian to name a few. Find out from us at if your preferred language is offered at the CSCS test.

Can I book the CSCS test online?

Yes, when you select us as your CSCS test service provider you can either book the test online or over the telephone. Out of these two options, choose the one that is most convenient for you.

What day and time is the CSCS test available?

There are several time slots and days on which you can book the CSCS test for yourself. After two days of booking the test you can appear for it provided that day and slot is free. Contact us and we will let you know if your preferred day and time slot has the requisite CSCS test seat available.

Within no time you will be done with the CSCS test and on your way to getting the most looked up to and coveted of CSCS card on the construction site. You will be one among the other workers to have the CSCS card on you and watch the benefits that it fetches you.

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